October 21st 2017

dickens horror film festival

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Your Festival Screening Experience will be in the pitch black setting of the haunted Dickens Opera House allowing for the ultimate scary movie going experience. Among having other activities in the day we expect your night to be something that you won’t soon forget.

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fear and film on the front range

october 21st 2017

The Dickens Horror Film Festival will showcase classic and contemporary horror cinema set at the historic Dickens Opera House. The Festival presents emerging and established film makers in the horror genre. In it’s second year the event on October 21st will showcase the horror genres best filmmakers, as well as focusing on design methods to suspend our audiences belief in what they see.

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The Dickens Opera House

The Dickens Opera House is where horror and harmonies meet on one of Colorado’s celebrated stages. Make sure to come join us October 21st at the haunted Dickens Opera House in Longmont, Colorado.


October 21st 2017

This October there will be a new festival in town. Be prepared to explore the haunted Dickens Opera House through film and horrifying ventures in film. Incorporating a film contest, workshops and parties the Dickens Horror Film Festival will be your favorite Halloween themed event for years to come!